IPL hair removal machine(home use)model BJ040
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IPL hair removal machine(home use)model BJ040
Application: Hair removal machine Convenient for home use






IPL hair removal machine

Model no.:BJ040


Working method:

Using thermal damage theory,the abundant melanin absorbs laser energy and the temperature rises rapidly,under this situation the hair follicle and hair shaft are damaged by thermal. At the same time,the oxygen supplying tissue surrounding the hair follicle'sstem cells is destroyed by the spreading heat energy.Thus
hair regrowth is stopped permanently.

1.Small and morder design,weight only 2KG.
2.This product is excellent on hair removal,and deeply into the hair root,to Prevent hair growing  permanently                                                    
3.more cheap and more convenient .                    
4.Easy and safe to use.                    

IPL Application range:
Armpit Hair removal  Arm Hair removal    
Bikiniarea hair removal  
Thigh hair removal

IPL technical specifications:            
Light Source        home pulsed light                                       
Wavelength          640nm      
Electrical          220VAC,2AMAX 50/60HZ          
Dimension           170*170*115  mm                    
Weight              2Kg


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