Ultrasonic liposuction equipment model BJ039
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Ultrasonic liposuction equipment model BJ039
Application: Fat treatment


PRODUCT NAMEUltrasonic liposuction equipment


Model No.:BJ039


Working theory:

Using strong sound waves gathered frequency to 40000HZ of intense sound waves, speed vibration fat cells inside and outside the fat cells, produce countless vacuum air hole, strong impact fat cells, the fat cell membrane within blasting, triglyceride into glycerol and free fatty acidsby the frequency of 0.5MHZ RF wave, deep diathermy treatment, to of skin supply oxygen and organic nutrients transfer, strengthen cell function, improve blood and lymph circulation, active metabolism, elimination and softening honeycomb-like tissue to achieve weight loss and control the obesity purpose.

1.      Adopt the world class high technology of ultrasonic slimming skill.

2.      Suitable for all kinds of skins

3.      Comfortable during the treatment,no pain,no injury.

4.      Easy operation,easy to learn to use.

5.      Low cost,fast result.

6.      No side effect,no rebound,does not affect the normal work and life.


Cavitation head:40khz

RF head: 0.3-0.8mhz

Power: 220v/110v,50hz/60hz


Dimention: 36cmX50cmX50cm





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